Course description

Practice administering Active Directory technologies in Windows Server 2012 R2.

In this course, you will learn how to better manage and protect data access and information, simplify deployment and management of your identity infrastructure, and provide more secure access to data. You will learn how to configure some of the key features in Active Directory such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Group Policy, Dynamic Access Control (DAC), Work Folders, Work Place Join, Certificate Services, and Rights Management Services (RMS).

This course incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server.

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What You'll Learn in Class:

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Course Outline:

  1. Overview of Access and Information Protection

  1. Advanced Deployment and Administration of AD DS

  1. Securing AD DS

  1. Implementing and Administering AD DS Sites and Replication

  1. Implementing Group Policy

  1. Managing User Settings with Group Policy

  1. Deploying and Managing AD CS

  1. Deploying and Managing Certificates

  1. Implementing and Administering AD RMS

  1. Implementing and Administering AD FS

  1. Implementing Secure Shared File Access

  1. Monitoring, Managing, and Recovering AD DS

  1. Implementing Windows Azure Active Directory

  1. Implementing and Administering AD LDS


Lab 1: Choosing an Appropriate Access and Information Protection Management Solution

Lab 2: Deploying and Administering AD DS

Lab 3: Securing AD DS

Lab 4: Implementing AD DS Sites and Replication

Lab 5: Implementing and Troubleshooting a Group Policy Infrastructure

Lab 6: Managing User Desktops with Group Policy

Lab 7: Deploying and Configuring a Two-Tier CA Hierarchy

Lab 8: Deploying and Using Certificates

Lab 9: Implementing an AD RMS Infrastructure

Lab 10: Implementing AD FS

Lab 11: Implementing Secure File Access

Lab 12: Monitoring AD DS

Lab 13: Recovering Objects in AD DS

Lab 14: Implementing Windows Azure AD

Lab 15: Implementing and Administering AD LDS