Course description

Learn how to support websites and web applications with IIS8.5.

In this course, you will learn how to configure and manage Internet Information Services (IIS). You will learn the skills that support a broad range of web applications, security, and knowledge to help support other products that use IIS (such as Exchange and SharePoint).

Each individual Microsoft Official Course On-Demand includes 3 months (or 12 months with purchase of Microsoft Total Access Collection) of 24x7 access to the following:

What You'll Learn in Class:

Who Needs to Attend:



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Course Outline:

  1. Overview and Installing Internet Information Services

  1. Configuring the Default Website

  1. Configuring and Managing Application Pools

  1. Creating Additional Websites

  1. Configuring Website and Web Application Support

  1. Securing Websites and Applications

  1. Securing Data Transmissions with SSL

  1. Managing Certificates in the Central Certificate Store

  1. Configuring Remote Administration

  1. Implementing FTP

  1. Monitoring IIS

  1. Backing up and Restoring IIS

  1. Building Load-Balanced Web Farms


Lab 1: Installing Internet Information Services

Lab 2: Configuring the Default Website for Public Access

Lab 3: Creating Virtual Directories and Applications

Lab 4: Configuring and Managing Application Pools

Lab 5: Configuring Application Pool Recycling

Lab 6: Examining the Existing Websites and Bindings for conflicts

Lab 7: Creating New Websites

Lab 8 Configuring Common Features

Lab 9: Configuring Support for Web Applications

Lab 10: Configuring Authentication and Access

Lab 11: Configuring URL Authorization Rules

Lab 12: Creating and Managing Web Server Certificates

Lab 13: Adding a Certificate to a Website

Lab 14: Installing and Configuring the Central Certificate Store

Lab 15: Installing and Configuring the Management Service

Lab 16: Connecting to Remote Web Servers and Websites

Lab 17: Delegating Management Permissions

Lab 18: Configuring and Using an FTP Site

Lab 19: Monitoring IIS Logs

Lab 20: Backing Up and Recovering Configuration History

Lab 21: Building a Load-Balanced Web Farm Using ARR

Lab 22: Sharing Content to a Web Farm Using a Shared Folders

Lab 23: Sharing Content to a Web Farm Using DFS-R

Lab 24: Sharing IIS Configurations in a Web Farm