Course description

Discover how to analyze data with Power BI.

In this course, you will be introduced to the key concepts in business intelligence (BI), data analysis, and data visualization. You will discover the capabilities of a self-service BI solution and learn to create a dashboard and Power BI Desktop queries.

Each individual Microsoft Official Course On-Demand includes 3 months (or 12 months with purchase of Microsoft Total Access Collection) of 24x7 access to the following:

What You’ll Learn

Who Needs to Attend


Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions

  1. Introducing Power BI

  1. Power BI Data

  1. Shaping and Combining Data

  1. Modeling Data

  1. Interactive Data Visualizations


Lab 1: Exploring an Enterprise BI Solution

Lab 2: Cresting a Power BI Dashboard

Lab 3: Import Data into Power BI

Lab 4: Shaping and Combining Data

Lab 5: Modeling Data

Lab 6: Creating a Power BI Report