Course description

Learn to program using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with Visual Studio 2012.

In this course, you will be introduced to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and gain basic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript programming skills. This course is an entry point into both the web application and Windows Store apps training paths. You will focus on using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well-structured applications.

This course uses Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows 8.

Each individual Microsoft Official Course On-Demand includes 3 months (or 12 months with purchase of Microsoft Total Access Collection) of 24x7 access to the following:

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Course Outline:

  1. HTML and CSS

  1. Creating and Styling HTML5 Pages

  2. JavaScript

  1. Creating Forms to Collect Data and Validate User Input

  1. Communicating with a Remote Data Source

  1. Styling HTML5 Using CSS3

  1. Creating Objects and Methods by Using JavaScript

  1. Creating Interactive Pages Using HTML5 APIs

  1. Adding Offline Support to Web Applications

  1. Implementing an Adaptive User Interface

  1. Creating Advanced Graphics

  1. Animating the User Interface

  1. Implementing Real-Time Communications Using Web Sockets

  1. Creating a Web Worker Process


Lab 1: Explore the Contoso Conference Application

Lab 2: Create and Style HTML5 Pages

Lab 3: Display Data and Handle Events by Using JavaScript

Lab 4: Create a Form and Validate User Input

Lab 5: Communicate with a Remote Data Source

Lab 6: Style Text and Block Elements using CSS3

Lab 7: Refine Code for Maintainability and Extensibility

Lab 8: Create Interactive Pages by Using HTML5 APIs

Lab 9: Add Offline Support to a Web Application

Lab 10: Implement an Adaptive User Interface

Lab 11: Create Advanced Graphics

Lab 12: Animate User Interface Elements

Lab 13: Implement Real-Time Communications Using Web Sockets

Lab 14: Create a Web Worker Process