Course description

Learn how to install and manage Windows 10 for enterprise organizations.

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to install and configure Windows 10 desktops and devices in a Windows Server domain corporate environment. You will explore installing and customizing Windows 10 operating systems and apps, as well as configuring local and remote network connectivity and storage. You will also learn how to configure data security, device security, and network security and to maintain, update, and recover Windows 10.

This course incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 20697-1B, and it can assist you in your preparation for Exam 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices.

Each individual Microsoft Official Course On-Demand includes 3 months (or 12 months with purchase of Microsoft Total Access Collection) of 24x7 access to the following:

What You'll Learn in Class:

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Follow-On Courses:

Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services (M20697-2B)


Microsoft Specialist: Configuring Windows Devices

MCSE: Enterprise Devices and Apps

Course Outline:

  1. Overview of Windows 10

    • Introducing Windows 10

    • Navigating the User Interface

  2. Installing Windows 10

    • Preparing to Install Windows 10

    • Upgrading to Windows 10

  3. Configuring Your Device

    • Common Configuration Options

    • Managing User Accounts

    • Using OneDrive

  4. Configuring Network Connectivity

    • Configuring IP Network Connectivity

    • Implementing Name Resolution

    • Implementing Wireless Network Connectivity

  5. Managing Storage

    • Storage Options

    • Managing Disks, Partitions, and Volumes

    • Maintaining Disks and Volumes

    • Managing Storage Spaces

  6. Managing Files and Printers

    • File Systems

    • Configuring and Managing File Access

    • Configuring and Managing Shared Folders

    • Work Folders

    • Managing Printers

  7. Managing Apps in Windows 10

    • Methods Used to Provide Apps to Users

    • The Windows Store

    • Web Browsers

  8. Managing Data Security

    • Data-Related Security Threats

    • Securing Data with EFS

    • Implementing and Managing BitLocker

  9. Managing Device Security

    • Using Security Settings to Mitigate Threats

    • Configuring User Account Control

  10. Managing Network Security

    • Network-Related Security Threats

    • Windows Firewall

    • Connection Security Rules

    • Windows Defender

  11. Maintaining Windows 10

    • Updating Windows 10

    • Monitoring Windows 10

    • Optimizing Performance

  12. Troubleshooting and Recovery

    • Managing Devices and Drivers

    • Recovering Files

    • Recovering Device


Lab 1: Navigating and Customizing the User Interface

Lab 2: Installing Windows 10

Lab 3: Configuring Windows 10

Lab 4: Configuring Network Connectivity

Lab 5: Managing Storage

Creating a Storage SpaceLab 6: Configuring and Managing Permissions and Shares

Lab 7: Configuring and Using Work Folders

Lab 8: Installing and Managing a Printer

Lab 9: Configuring Windows 10 Web Browsers

Lab 10: Installing and Updating Apps from the Windows Store

Lab 11: Managing Data Security

Lab 12: Managing Device Security

Lab 13: Managing Network Security

Lab 14: Troubleshooting and Recovery

Lab 15: Maintaining Windows 10